Approach (in English)

*Insinú*, Investigation and creation in performing arts, is a company created in 2010 in Concepción, Chile, by Cristina Espinoza and Fabián Riquelme. Together have been in a continuous process of research and perfectioning in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain and India. All different techniques converge in a personal language independent from all the different techiques learned.

From 2010 to 2014 they lived in Barcelona, where they created two pieces in medium format: Pasaje 8, piece winner of Critics Award in the 1st “Muestra de artistas Independientes” in Asturias, Spain; and Choique, with Mariela Roi as and invited actress. In 2013 they performed their first workshop as an ensemble, called Be able to/ be lost.

Since 2015 they are radicated in Valparaiso, Chile, where they have been created to solos (Araí and El Antilázaro), as well as several presentations of Kathak dance and collaborations with other artists. Their language includes contemporary dance, kathak, ninjutsu, butoh, among other interpretation techniques.